Better Job

Looking for a job can be tough, exhausting and overwhelming.

  • Where do I start?
  • What is the right approach?
  • What job should I go for?
  • Why would that job want me?
  • What is my pitch and unique selling proposition?
  • What is the difference between skills, attributes and achievements?
  • How do I network?
  • What’s the secret to interviewing?
  • Why is it so hard and why does it take so long?
  • Why haven’t I got a job yet?
  • Why do I keep coming second?
  • I can’t get a job as I have lost all my confidence.
  • There are no jobs out there for me.


At Better is Best we simplify and guide you through the job seeking process, challenge you to perform at your best and motivate and support your efforts.

We save you time, money, energy and self-esteem.

Once you nail the job you want, we celebrate with you!

Get the job you want. 


Our Better Job Coaching Program

The Better Job Program is our popular one-to-one program, tailored specifically for you, delivered at your pace.


Why it gets results?

  • Step-by-step guidance to save you time, money, energy and self-esteem as you wake up, shake up, skill up, step up and step out.
  • Tailored for you, it can focus on a number of challenges or deep dive into one particular career challenge, as we understand everyone is at different stages of their career journey. 
  • Assessments to unlock your hot buttons.
  • Techniques to address your fears.
  • A ‘safe harbour’ to discuss concerns and advice to turn these around.
  • Practical step-by-step exercises to control overwhelm for the duration of the program.
  • Immediate application.
  • Absolute 100% unbiased, confidentiality assured, support.

How do you get it? 

  • Career Core Needs Self Assessment
  • Instant Insight Profiling or Better is Best Profiling
  • Five 60 minute expert consultations, delivered via Skype or Telephone
  • One 90 minute Deep State Re-Patterning consultation, delivered via Skype of Telephone 
  • Exercises, articles and activities


How much?



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