Better Leader

Working effectively in the role you have can feel unfocused, frustrating, draining, boring or unfulfilling.

  • Why can’t I focus?
  • I feel I am loosing my leadership.
  • I don’t know enough and my team are looking at ‘me’ for guidance.
  • Why do ‘they’ always do that?
  • It’s because of ‘them’ that I am overworked.
  • I don’t know how to do X and I am afraid to tell anyone.
  • I’m swamped – my workload is too large and I work big hours already.
  • How will I make ‘that’ target?
  • I don’t have enough time to network.
  • I have so much information coming at me and I am only paid to do 7.5 hours of ‘work’.


At Better is Best we pinpoint your challenges and work with you to improve your strategies or communication, install new choices and widen your opportunities of success.

We save you time, money, energy and self-esteem.

Once you achieve the success that you came for, we celebrate with you!

 Become the leader you know you are.


Our Better Leader Coaching Program

Better Leader is our one-on-one Leadership program, tailored specifically for you, delivered at your pace.


 Why does it get results?

  • Step-by-step guidance to save you time, money, energy and self-esteem, as you step into, maintain or regain your leadership credibility
  • Tailored for you and addresses a number challenges, as we understand everyone is at different stages of their leadership journey.
  • Assessments to unlock your hot buttons.
  • Techniques to address your fears.
  • A ‘safe harbour’ to discuss concerns and advice to turn these around.
  • Practical step-by-step exercises to control overwhelm for the duration of the program.
  • Immediate application
  • Absolute 100% unbiased, confidentiality assured, support.
  • And it’s fun.

What’s included?

  • Career Core Needs Self Assessment
  • Instant Insight or Better Profiling
  • Five 60 minute career consultations, delivered via Skype or Telephone 
  • One 90 minute Deep State Re-Patterning consultation, delivered via Skype of Telephone 
  • Exercises, articles and activities
  • Email and phone support for the duration of the program

How long is it?

6 weeks or 6 months, as you set the pace.

How much?



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