Starting and Being Ready: One of these things is not like the other…

I've lost count of the people who have said to me "I need to do X, Y or Z before I start (insert name of thing here)" or those who have said they need  "everything in place" before they press the 'on' button for what they really want. One of my clients believed she needed extra qualifications to put up her prices (a little higher than CPI) in her … [Read more...]

Give back and feel fantastic

Volunteering can also help your career, broaden your skill base, elevate your seniority in a different context, demonstrate your philanthropy and scope, and open up huge opportunities for networking. So what can you do? Plenty and a great deal of that from the click of your mouse. Read more on this from an article by Better is Best as published … [Read more...]

How Can I Be More Creative At Work?

Studies reveal that only 1 in 4 of us believe we are living up to our creative potential and 3 out of 4 feel pressure to be productive rather than creative at work. Despite this, in 2012 ‘creative’ was the most overused word on LinkedIn, a website where we tell the world what we do at work! Being ‘creative’ at your work involves problem solving, … [Read more...]

Manifesto Awesomeness

  We love how manifestos excite, inspire, motivate and keep us on track if we stray.  Simple and effective awesomeness. Do you like ours?  … [Read more...]

Five Proven Ways to Confident Public Speaking

Public speaking can be engaging, inspiring and informational. Or it can be petrifying, paralysing or disengaging. At some point in your career, public speaking becomes something you ‘just’ do, either in a meeting, pitching for work, with a client or perhaps presenting as a Subject Matter Expert. The most common niggle my clients fear is ‘not … [Read more...]

7 Better Tips for Career Referrals

What career referral strategies do you currently use? Read this article from Better is Best as published on bizelaw to learn about seven proven techniques to maximum your career referrals and what  ‘sneezers' can do for you! … [Read more...]

Who’s who in the zoo?

  Welcome to our new website!   I am extremely excited about our new website and would love to take the chance to introduce you to our fantastic Better is Best team.  The new Better is Best website offers quick and easy access to essential information on our products, partners, team, upcoming events and much more. Marcelle Thomas is our … [Read more...]

Netconnecting – Better Networking

OK OK OK. I’ll disclose and admit from the outset: I enjoy networking. I like connecting with other people and finding out who they are and what makes them tick.  I like interacting with real life 3D characters, that perhaps I may have only read about or watched on the telly. I like learning about and from them. Though I appreciate at times … [Read more...]

Controlling the ARGH Factor – Better Priorities

Busyness. The “ARRRRRRGH” factor.  That feeling of being out of control. The fear of letting something slip or someone down. That sense of ‘surely I could do this faster or better somehow’. That ‘there is not enough time in the day anyway’ sentiment. Are you a sufferer? Do you want to tackle it, change your behaviour and your results?   Do you … [Read more...]

Corridor Cred – Better Influence

How do you acquire influence in the workplace?   How do you stand out from everyone else? How do you persuade others to listen to you without screaming at them ‘listen to me’ or ‘making them’? My clients this week past have all said words along the lines of ‘you are so certain. How can I become like that’? Part of my role is to help my clients … [Read more...]