The Nofocusitis Epidemic

Student learning difficultiesTo about 50 savvy women at an event, I asked 4 questions:

“How many of you are great starters at projects?”
Almost all the hands went up.

“How many of you are great at maintaining projects?”
About 30 per cent of hands went back up.

“And how many of you are great at finishing projects?”
Only 4 hands went up.

“And when you think about why many of you don’t finish projects, why do you think that is?
Answers were fairly similar:
“I have/had too many things to do…”
“I get bored / loose my mojo…”
“Something else comes along and I do that instead…”
“I don’t have enough time….”.

This is indicative of ‘no-focus-itis’.

Nofocusitis is caused by the inability to define what you really really want and why.

Busy-ness for busy-ness sake may keep your day full, but why do you need it that full?  What is it costing you? Is it working for you?

Would you rather 50 unfinished tasks and that feeling of having too much on but not actually getting anywhere, or 3 fabulous tasks that actually move you toward achieving an awesome goal?

To resolve say “no-more”!  

Choose to experience different and better results!


1. Know your outcome ie for the year, month, week, day and task.

Yes, this DOES mean setting goals and targets.
Yes, this DOES mean having lists and ticking stuff off.
Yes, this DOES mean being accountable to yourself!

Ask: “What will I have when this outcome is reached? What will that mean to me? What will it bring me? What will it allow me to do? How will that then help others?”

2. Take action.

Yes, this DOES mean you have to do something.
Yes, this DOES mean actually doing that something.

Ask: “Will doing X move me toward my goal?”

If the answer is no, leave it. It’s a time waster, distraction and energy sucker.

If the answer is yes, ask “what is the first step?’” Do that. Once the first step is done, ask “what is the next step?” Do that one. Once you’ve done that one, ask “what is the next step”. Rinse and repeat.

3. Have flexibility.

Yes, this DOES mean there could be 10,000 different ways to achieve a goal.

Yes, this DOES mean you could get overwhelmed with choice, HOWEVER there is no such thing as the ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ choice, there is only ‘progress’.

To ensure you are making progress you need to ask the money-shot question each time you do a task, which is “Will doing this, help move me toward my goal?”.

If no, leave it. It is a time waster, distraction and energy sucker.

If yes, go for it!

4. Be consistent.

Yes, this DOES actually mean ‘being consistent’.
Yes, this DOES mean doing something every single day.

Decide what 3 things you will do today. Do those.
And at the end of the day, review them and cross them off.
Then set the next 3 things. Do those. Review and cross them off.
Then set the next 3 things. Do those. Review and cross them off.
Rinse and repeat.

Be your best ‘ninja focussed self’ and get paid for it


PS: If you want help defining what you want or wrangling what you have on your plate, get in touch. 

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