Government Schovernment: Make It Happen

differentI was eves dropping on a cafe conversation next to me. Two well-heeled women were talking about the 2014 Australian Budget. They were bagging out the ‘work until you are 70 then retire’ policy surrounding superannuation.

 Their major point of contention was in your working life you work and you have no time for enjoying things or doing what you want until you retire. Retirement is the only time you get to do this.

Their secondary point was more women were needed in government, but they themselves were too old to do it. Furthermore younger women ‘had’ to do this. (They were in their 50’s or 60’s).

I know they meant well, but what a load of codswallop.

It’s codswallop because it makes them responsible for absolutely nothing!

Firstly, if you aren’t finding enjoyment in what you do when you are at work, then make a change to do so. 

It need not be radical like leaving your job. It may be as simple as a new ritual or habit when at work.

Secondly, don’t reward yourself with fun only when you retire.

That’s a ‘if then’ reward’ ie if this happens, then I will do yadda yadda. Most of the time ‘if then’ rewards don’t work and therefore the rewards never eventuate. Retirement is (for many) ages away!! Do stuff that brings you joy, every day and every week. Either at work or outside of work.

Thirdly, take responsibility.

Responsibility for your voice and part in democracy.
Responsibility for taking action, rather than leaving ‘stuff up to others’.
Responsibility for the provision of self, not reliance on ever changing government policy.
Responsibility for yourself, despite your level, capability, tax bracket or age.
Responsibility for YOUR choices, like your choice to actively participate or your choice to sit back and be impacted by something. 

I know it’s hard not to feel some sort of entitlement, especially if and when you pay a lot of tax. Sometimes I do too. That is before I whack myself in the face with a wet fish and remind myself where I live and that my taxes actually go in some great directions.

And if and when they don’t, I get involved. Like the time I lobbied (with others) the New Zealand Government to subsidise a new drug that helped a bunch of leukaemia suffers stay alive. Like the time I (with others) marched against student loans. Like the time I sent money to a cause because I believed in it. Like the time I voted against the party I usually supported because I’d had enough. 

Please, don’t wait for something to happen by someone or something else.
Because chances are, you won’t like it.

Instead, be your best self and make stuff happen.


PS: If you want help rekindling the excitement you once had for work, get in touch.

PPS: Full Disclosure: I not a fan of the above policy by the way.



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