Career Coaching

When I first started working with Peta my confidence had hit the bottom in pretty much every way possible – I had come back from overseas without a job to go to, had finished a long term relationship that wasn’t working, was living with my parents and was feeling lost, direction less and generally pretty despondent  about my life when my peers seemed to have it all.
Although I went to Peta to help me figure out what I wanted to do work wise and how to get it (and we nailed this!), what I got out of it was so much more than that.   It sounds dramatic to say our sessions changed my life but they absolutely did. Peta started with reconnecting me to myself, my dreams and my values.   Using a variety of techniques Peta helped me get my mojo back across all areas of my life so I felt confident to get into the sharp end of my job search.

She assisted me to create a framework with structure and accountability that I could approach my job hunting from.  Each session was adapted to what I needed and I learnt a treasure trove of techniques for different situations.   Peta has a no bullshit style but provided a really safe space to sort out the head stuff  as she pushed and protected me whilst I worked through my wobbles and fears at each stage.

Signing up to work with Peta is not a holiday, and definitely requires some serious work and commitment to get the most out  of it. Sometimes there were tears and swear words from me, and Peta took all of that in her stride.   I have landed a new job which I’m really excited about starting. And I am now taking control of my direction, living my values, and on track to creating my ideal life.  And I’m soooo much happier for it!

Product Manager – Auckland – New Zealand 

I’m amazed at how much Peta achieved with me in just one session. She tuned in to me immediately, saw the real issues and got right to the core of things quickly. Although this was challenging, Peta was warm in her approach and genuine in her desire to help me to be better. I gained so much insight and I already feel more confident and sure of what I need to do to take my career to where I want it. I know that there is more work to do, but if this is what can be achieved in one session, then the potential is extraordinary!

Suzanne Perrin – HR Professional – Auckland – New Zealand 


Peta has a confident and clear approach to get the best out of her “coachees”. She helped me work out my goals and then pointed out exactly how these were and are achievable by highlighting my strengths and turning any of my self proclaimed weaknesses into positives. My coaching sessions accelerated my job search, gave me the focus I needed to apply for the right roles and through updating and improving my CV, I had more confidence in my abilities. The interview prep was fantastic. I went on with examples for any question and had the confidence to ‘go with it’. Our sessions were flexible and targeted to what I needed to focus on at the time. They were thought provoking and encouraged me to think outside the square and beyond the basics. She puts in the time (as I did) before and after the sessions so that each hour long ‘face-to-face’ session is thorough and productive. Through my coaching I have grown in confidence, have opened my eyes to many opportunities and have landed a fantastic job!

Nicola Hales – Senior Marketing Manager – Melbourne – Australia

I very quickly realized after spending some time with Peta that I had been ‘stuck’ for a while. I knew that I needed to change, improve and enjoy my approach to work for me to ‘really succeed’. Each session with Peta brought different revelations about myself which has helped me to become more focused and organized, more motivated and generally feel like I have more ‘options’ both in my career and personally. 

What is really great is that I felt the positive changes straight away, as did those around me. 

I can’t recommend Peta enough. Her intelligent, insightful approach and supportive and enthusiastic nature is pretty inspiring. 

Given what we achieved in 5 sessions I wish I had done this years ago.

Sophie Barber – Account Director – London – United Kingdom

Bootcamp with Peta was awesome! I am enormously grateful to Peta for fast tracking a process assisting me to reconnect  with self,  helping me to see all that I am, all that I have achieved and the many possibilities for the future. Peta’s approach throughout is determined, focused, assertive, positive and kind this enabled me to achieve in six weeks more than I could ever have imagined. Peta lives the philosophy of good better best, inspires through infectious energy and enthusiasm and helped me take one step closer to realising my dreams…I will keep looking up.

Business Development Manager – Melbourne – Australia 

Peta is my consultant for the Telstra Jobs Program. 

I have found her exceptional in providing me with effective advice and direction. Peta’s approach is very personable, professional and tailored to your specific needs. She gives advice that will provide tangible outcomes. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Peta in any consultancy capacity

Shane Mann – Channel Manager Small Business – Melbourne – Australia

I found Peta to be highly professional and knowledgeable who was attuned to not only highlighting skillsets and achievements but also placed emphasis on aligning attitude and mindset. This exemplifies her genuine passion in assisting with delivering superior results and also her ability to relate to an individuals motivation. An awesome experience.

Les Bletsas – Sales Professional – Melbourne – Australia

When I started with Peta at “Better is Best” my confidence and self worth in my career had been dealt a huge blow. Working with Peta, gave me the tools, small steps and confidence to move forward positively which then proceeded to allow me to feel ‘normal’ again.  Peta’s influence in this process was invaluable – her professionalism yet compassion was perfect for me and also she was not afraid to have the difficult or courageous conversations when needed – sometimes it was needed!  I have no hesitation in recommending Peta and ‘Better is Best’ to anyone who needs to rediscover their own amazing-ness!  I did and then secured an amazing role – thanks Peta!

Head Teacher – Auckland – New Zealand

What impressed me most about Peta is her excellent ability in listening, noting and delivering solutions very fast. Her coaching helped me discover my strengths and my confidence has been greatly improved. Peta is a highly result-driven person and a coach who is very enthusiastic and determined in helping people achieve their goals. With her coaching, I have developed a habit of asking myself a question when doing any tasks: “Is there any way I can do this better?” and in many situations the answer was “Yes, Better is Best!” In a nutshell, I am very happy with her coaching and would highly recommend her to all those are looking for a trustworthy and efficient coach/mentor/consultant.”

Hong Thi Anh Nguyen – Junior HR Generalist – Melbourne – Australia

Wow what an amazing session I had with Peta.  I went hoping for a positive improvement in my outlook to life but couldn’t imagine how talking to someone could possible change anything…..well it has……  In just an hour and a half I walked away feeling lighter, as though the weight pushing me down had disappeared, I felt happier, more relaxed.  In fact, I actually walked along the street holding my head high, I hadn’t done that for years, for some reason I didn’t feel so withdrawn.  It sounds weird but it’s true. It’s now 3 weeks since my session and I think I continue to improve, I feel happier, I notice that my sense of humour is returning and I can laugh at things that I have found irritating over the last 2 or 3 years.  I really wanted to be a nicer person and I think I am.   Thanks Peta for taking the time to help me, I now live in much happier household.    And you know what, my husband agrees that I’m a happier person – how good is that!

Office Administrator – Melbourne – Australia

Peta has helped me prepare to get a job. I now feel really confident, as she has showed me, step-by-step, how to talk in an interview and more generally how to communicate to people. In particular I have learnt not to be afraid when other people say it’s hard. I will decide that for myself, after ‘I’ have found out. My age will not get in my way because inside I am 33!

Mechanical Lead – Melbourne – Australia

Peta first sponged out my personality, how I act, my behavior, my skills and repositioned my resume, which is now ‘A1’. The structure of the cover letter is now easy, which is great as it has changed since I last did one. The interview skills I really enjoyed. It is more about thinking, and by that I mean thinking outside the box and being more practiced and relaxed in my answers. There is an excellent simple structure to follow.  And I learnt loads of practical stuff too, like talking out aloud. As men we get all blocked up inside. Talking out aloud and practicing helps to calm us down. I don’t want to leave my employer but I now have tools and feel more confident. More confident than I felt 8 weeks ago. More confidant than I have felt in the last 6 years! The resume is ‘real’ good and I will get a job on that alone.

Machine Operator – Melbourne – Australia

Peta has helped me a lot – doing a resume, job searching online, networking amongst friends, training me on how to talk to an employer and practicing with me. If I don’t know something or I don’t understand she explains it, teaches me and then we ‘experience’ it. I feel really confident about finding a new job. Before I never practiced and my resume was one page. Now I have practiced – standing up, sitting down, facing backwards, asking in different ways and answering heaps of questions. And we practiced arriving at an interview, creating rapport and communicating with an employer from the moment you first meet them. I feel really different from 8 weeks ago. She is a very good person. She is like family. She has taught me everything that she has. She has given me 100%.  She is a very good girl.

Machine Operator  – Melbourne – Australia

What have I learned? I have learned more about finding a job. In the past it used to be different ie you used to go and they would give you a job. It is not easy finding a job now. I’ve been in the same place for 27 years and had no idea about how to look for a job. What Peta said to me, what I can do, where I can go for help, how to do it, I didn’t know.  There is no use trying to be proud of yourself if you don’t know. It is better to say you don’t know and to learn. I am more aware of what I am going to look for, which is good.  Even if I am chatting to someone and from what I have learnt I can help him, it is good. Peta also taught me how to play with my grandkids and teach them at the same time, which is also good. And where people ‘look’ to access information was interesting and really good. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you always learn something.

Mill Director – Melbourne – Australia

I know it can be perceived as a gift-of-a-gab and it is not that. Peta has shown me a different way to look at things and think. You can do anything if it is outside of the square. I was traditional ie ‘you have a job, yes, great I’ll start tomorrow’. I now have a broader outlook, more confidence, greater preparedness and more options. For many people, especially those who have been in their jobs for a very long time, things have changed and it can be a concern. If you are better prepared, you have a better chance than someone who is not.

Quality Examiner – Melbourne – Australia

Peta you are truly one of the most passionate, helpful and clever people I have ever met. We reached out to you for support, without hesitation and knowing your hectic schedule you quickly arranged a time to meet. Knowing your time was extremely valuable I sat an listened and couldn’t help but notice your true passion for what you do and your intense desire to help people achieve the BEST! Peta you made me feel confident and comfortable with myself and shared  invaluable advice with me which I will carry for many years to come. I am truly grateful for your encouragement and support and will continue to spread the word about your fabulous work, high level of skill and great personality. Very glad and honoured to have met you.

Tamara Matiu – Customer Service Representative – Melbourne – Australia 

Peta was exceptional and provided exactly what I didn’t know I needed. She helped me create myself as a ‘brand’ with a key tag line that was unforgettable. Peta prepared me for a job interview after missing out almost a dozen times. She gave me the skills and knowledge to answer any question and the confidence to get the job. Peta was inventive and I completely trusted her. She gave me the ultimate result – I got the job. I would highly recommend her.

Charlotte Cottrell – Primary School Teacher – Christchurch – New Zealand 

A friend put me in touch with Peta because I’m thinking of becoming a coach and he thought she would be a good person to speak to. He was right. What I thought would be a quick chat about coaching in general turned out to be an amazing personal coaching session! Within 5 minutes of talking to Peta it became glaringly obvious that two of the three coaching areas I was considering were non-starters and the one remaining area shone out as the winner. I felt as if the blinkers had fallen off – suddenly I had a clear focus. Peta talked at length about coaching and what it entailed – she is passionate about it and instilled confidence in me and, I imagine, instils the same in everyone she coaches. Peta is a force if nature and if you’re looking to affect change in your life, she’s your woman!

Television Professional – Melbourne – Australia