Career Workshops

The ‘For Better Success’ Workshop was relevant information presented clear and concise for our Clients to each learn something new.  The learnings they can then apply can certainly enhance Job Readiness. It was good to see that all clients had something positive to say about the session. Thanks!

Rachael Flanagan, Employment Executive, DVJS Employment Solutions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Peta Wilkinson from “Better is Best” for delivering a great program in “For Better Success” on 18/03/2014 at our office in Broadmeadows. All clients were happy with the content, which was delivered in a professional manner, yet it was very hands on and entertaining. One of the biggest issues we find in our clients is confidence and self worth. This session empowered them to understand they are worthy and I was able to see a change within the short time of how they believed in themselves. At WISE Employment we believe in giving our clients an opportunity to learn in all aspects and this program complemented and reinforced the method of self worth. This session will be instrumental in changing the attitudes of our job seekers and empowering them with confidence for their first step in employment. Thank you.

Nick Papaioannou – Wise Employment – Melbourne – Australia 

Peta Wilkinson delivered a one-hour Style and Presentation Workshop to 10 participants who were completing a 5-week Certificate I Vocational Preparation course. Peta’s presentation style was very engaging and she supplied professional handouts that participants could also refer to following the presentation. Peta used an interactive approach in her delivery of the content and I felt the participants gained some valuable information that will assist them in presenting themselves positively for employment.

Maggie Nalty – Trainer – Melbourne – Australia

“Jedi mind tricking? I thought, “What is that?” I met Peta Wilkinson, an amazing Coach, at the wonderful organization Wear For Success in South Melbourne. I was there to volunteer and Peta was running a Workshop. I remember the moment I met Peta. There was some kind of special energy she emitted and I thought wow she’s nice and SO confident. Little did I know that this woman would begin to change ‘my’ life as well. We talked and Peta took my hands and taught me some basic Jedi mind tricks (as she called them).  This has caused a chain of events to occur and I have found that I am using those ‘tricks’ to re-teach my mind to focus in ways I had read about but never dreamed I would be able to access myself. Peta is a truly talented trainer and I look forward to doing some wonderful and solid training with her to take me to the next levels of my mind and success. Thanks Peta. You’re the best.

Make-Up Artist – Melbourne – Australia