Case Studies

Rosie *

Rosie was a manager on the rise, working for an employer who was restructuring. She applied for the role she was interested in, wasn’t offered this role and received contradictory feedback about her performance.  She was offered another role, though it was less interesting and junior. Rosie’s professional confidence had taken a dive.  She was shocked by her treatment, couldn’t sleep well as the scenario replayed over and over in her mind.  She was physically upset, angry and withdrawn. Better is Best was recommended to her by a friend.

Working with Better is Best, Rosie weighed up the options to stay or leave the organization. She devised a plan to ensure the best possible outcome for her.

Rosie decided to leave her organisation. As a result of her plan, she was able to do this without working her notice period, with additional funds included in her package, with the use of other work tools for a specified time and with a positive written reference. More importantly she was able to say good-bye to her team and request references from her colleagues. Their feedback contradicted that of management and helped rapidly rebuild her professional confidence. Rosie proceeded to look at opportunities she actually wanted and within a month secured a new senior role at a prestigious organisation.

She is absolutely thriving and we are extremely proud of her.


Laura *

Laura had emigrated to Australia and was looking for a new opportunity as a senior manager. She had applied for a large number of roles, converted 50% of those to first interviews and 25% of those to second interviews over a 3 ½ month period but had yet to secure a role. She was ‘over it’, surprised by the length of time it was taking to secure a role, second-guessing her skills and ability, demotivated and poised to take any junior role that presented itself. Better is Best was recommended to her by a friend.

Laura identified her skills and attributes and strengths.   She devised her SWOT, pitch and value proposition, then refocused her CV and online profile. She learnt how to approach job-hunting differently, concentrating on roles she actually wanted and being more efficient with her job-hunting efforts. She fully prepared for interview questions and role-played their delivery to convey her core strengths succinctly. She also identified how she could merge her hobbies and professional development goals together for resourceful and fun benefits.

Laura stopped her scattergun approach, wrote fewer but more inspiring applications, reignited her ‘job search mojo’ and lived and breathed her own brand. Within 5 sessions of working with Better is Best, Laura achieved the outcome she ultimately wanted – a fabulous role that she wanted, in a new industry that she wanted! Her professional confidence returned, her network of contacts ballooned and the possibility of a future consulting business not only germinated but fruited.

Laura is flourishing in her role.


Terry *

After a close call with a restructure, no nibbles for new roles and family pressures, Terry* was concerned, fearful and scared. Further he was frustrated with his role, his team and his client. He was ‘storming’, distracted, ‘overwhelmed’ and unfilled professionally. He was ‘owning’ everything, exhausted and close to burn out. His felt his only option was ‘out’ of that business and into another. Trouble was he couldn’t secure a new role. Great CV, fantastic pitch, credible presentation and his articulation was fantastic. Better is Best was recommended to him through a mutual contact.

Working with Better is Best, Terry devised a strategy to ensure the greatest likelihood of achieving his goals realistically, ensuring all areas of his life and all the roles he played in it, were canvassed. He developed techniques and tactic’s to remain focused and deliver on his goals, using work and non-work motivators to do so. Once his realistic goals were in hand, he super-sized his goals and aimed for the stars.

During the 5 sessions with Better is Best, Terry designed, activated and project managed “Project Terry”, collaborating with his family to ensure the greatest possible motivation, support and success. Capitalising on his project management strengths, he used resources (people, tools, approaches) creatively to ensure the outcomes of his project were collaboratively met. When needed, he asked for help. When delegating and having difficult discussions, he planned. He led but didn’t ‘own’ all of the solutions, delegating and empowering his team. He improved his communication for collaborative win-wins. After 5 sessions ‘the more choices you have, the greater the opportunities you have’ came alive with three very real job options. Terry was in a better position to assess these according to their merits rather than his fear.

Terry has now secured a new role with a new organisation and is taking it all in his new ‘Project Terry’ stride.

* Real clients, though not their real names