Presented as part of the 4WFW Event

4WFW Girls

Thank you for the practical down to earth strategies to unravel what has held me back from moving forward.

Kim H

The dynamic group of ladies with life stories and experience to back up their teachings. A lively presentation with practical tools to start the next stage of the journey

Nicky T

Because there are 4 types of professionals, I develop my awareness in the area that initially attracted me and in addition learnt lots more in areas that I didn’t realise I knew little. Thank you.

Charlotte C

Gave good common sense information to use in all aspects of my life but in a FUN FILLED way. Totally enjoyed the day! Thank you Peta, Vicky, Karen and Chantal

Daphne G

Looking forward to next session and bringing some friends. Better than what I expected. What a dynamic group of women, such passion and enthusiasm. You’ve given me lots of inspiration and then will keep trying to improve

Janie R

Fantastic venue, excellent presentations and subject matter experts. The sessions were delivered in a general context which respects everyone’s different life situations and allows each person to take away learning’s relevant to each.

Sonya K

These women (‘4 Women’) are credible, experienced, passionate, real and fabulous. You will leave the workshop inspired, challenged and provoked! It will encourage you to ‘do something different’. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone!

Sue S