Leadership Coaching

As a very successful, high profile senior executive, it’s difficult to find a coach (much less trust one) who can swiftly cut to the chase, peel back the layers, reveal the emotional undercurrent, compassionately address deep issues and put one back together in time for a tough afternoon of meetings. With utter frankness and loving humor, Peta is adept at enabling all people to confront their inner demons, ‘get over themselves’ and rise to the occasion of what life has to offer.

General Manager – Sydney – Australia

Working with Peta as a coach, she was able to ask intelligent questions without any involvement in the outcome and no predefined “position”. This allowed me the clarity to better understand the answers for myself and test them in a “safe” environment. With this clarity and insight I was able to work with Peta to hone up my conclusions so that I could take positive action.

Director – Perth – Australia

Peta guided and assisted me through many aspects of my professional development. She enabled me to understand how best to communicate my experiences succinctly and thereby succeed in achieving my future goals.

Jon Kemp – General Manager – Melbourne – Australia 

Peta provides insightful guidance whilst maintaining a professional but friendly manner. She has a deep understanding of the issues faced by executives and uses a wide range of tools to extract maximum benefit. She is a highly skilled and results focused coach.

Peter Gluskie – Program Manager – Melbourne – Australia

WOW! What can I say! I am the same person with the same tools as before. But my mind is not the same. I have greater clarity and focus. My motivation and drive has been reignited. I didn’t expect to achieve these tough goals at all, let alone do it so quickly. Fabulous service, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

Business Development Manager – Auckland – New Zealand

Through my sessions with Peta, I’ve been challenged and educated. Each session is a ‘mini-project’, which is relevant to the goals that I’ve set. They are definitely results focused. What I didn’t expect was how quickly Peta can help work through what I thought were long-term challenges. Even though the solutions are specific to myself, I suspect that Peta is able to do this with all of her ‘coachees’. It was surprising how well the solutions worked in practice – at home and in the office. Also, it was great how each session left me with a better energy level and focus than the previous. Because of the sessions with Peta, I’ve changed the way I looked at, and dealt with, professional and personal challenges and now have a ‘tool-kit’ of techniques that I use on a daily basis. I highly recommend taking Peta on as your Performance Coach. I wish I’d had these session’s years ago.

Steven Mulligan – Project Manager – Sydney – Australia

Leadership Coaching with Peta has been fantastic. Some of my goals  in our sessions were to become more confident, attain credibility with strangers and organize my time  and tasks without becoming so stressed. She has taught me some awesome breathing techniques and her humorous but relevant quotes and acronyms really stick in your head. Peta has helped open my eyes to the possibilities and engage a different way of thinking that’s calmer, creative  and more focused. I feel motivated to perform my best and get the results I deserve. I would highly recommend Peta as what you will learn is relevant and applicable to improving yourself not just in your job and career but to your overall person and lifestyle, and those lessons are invaluable. If you really WANT it, talk to Peta!

Vanessa Carr – Training Specialist – Melbourne, Australia 

Better is Best totally surprised me by the fact that from just one session so far the impacts to my daily life has been huge. The benefits I have been feeling from it definitely want me want to go back for more! Instantly I have felt less stressed, more balanced and able to be more at peace with the small things in my everyday life that frustrated and negatively impacted me before.  I feel ‘lighter’, have more energy and more positive than I have in a long time. And what I didn’t expect is that I’d still be feeling this a week on. Sometimes benefits from such sessions wear off after a day or two and you’re back to your old ways, but I do truly believe ‘Better is Best’ has changed my psyche long-term. Who wouldn’t want this? I would recommend anyone I know to ‘Better is Best’ in a flash.

Exchange Business Manager – Singapore – Singapore

Peta is the light that makes you realise that it really is hard to see in the dark. She opened my eyes to my own potential and gave me the confidence to believe in myself and put myself out there and helped me see things from a different perspective. She is warm and funny, caring and yet professional all at once. She is an extraordinary human being with intelligence, charm and a connectedness that ropes you in from the get go. Peta is best at bringing out the better!

Maylynn Bloom – Volunteer, Writer and CEO of Home Inc – Melbourne 

When Peta confidently stated, “You can do this” with regards to a public speaking engagement, I flat out did not believe her. Within 2 hours Peta had transformed me from a stuttering nervous wreck, to a consummate professional speaker that went on the charm and entertain her audience. Peta has also worked intensively on my business focus and goal setting. As a result of my success I am now receiving client referrals from many new sources. I am more focused and goal orientated and that is reflected in the growth of my business. “Better really is Best” and it is Peta’s passion to see others succeed.

Dr Alyson Murray – Chiropractor – Melbourne – Australia

Better is Best coaching is extremely insightful and helpful, all of which is done in a very caring, professional and enthusiastic manner. With solutions and improvements to the problems my business was facing, these problems are now solvable and reachable. I would never of thought of, or been able to reach, these goals by myself, had it not been for the practical and encouraging and fun goals set at each stage of coaching. What better way to help your life and business succeed. Call Peta.  It is the best gift you can give yourself.

Lindy Bekerman – Business Owner (Heavenly Rituals) – Melbourne – Australia

When associates recommended coaching from Peta at Better is Best for our business, we felt that we didn’t really need any help.  How could coaching help our company that has been running successfully for the past 10 years? Well, Peta has managed to increase our turnover (in one month) by 30%, our productivity, organisational skills and communication have all improved beyond belief.  We have found new ways to grow our business which we would never have thought of without Peta’s input.Our stress levels have decreased markedly and a new optimism has taken over!  Now we have time to plan ahead for our business and focus on what we want to achieve, confidently and without conflict!  Peta seemed to instinctively understand our business and its dynamics and managed to pinpoint very quickly what we could do to improve it and gave us the confidence to affect change. Thank you Peta we are forever grateful and are confident to recommend your services to any business or professional contemplating coaching.

Dee and Kevin Hodgson – Business Owner (Image Homewares) – Melbourne – Australia

Peta Wilkinson has demonstrated the positive attributes of a true leader, guidance counsellor and a friend. She is easy to communicate with and provides useful skill and knowledge that has helped me to take my business ventures to the next level. I would recommend Peta to business professionals who are looking to enhance the productivity and level of professionalism in their everyday operation of a successful business. Thank you Peta for your expertise in this area/ I am now able to shine more brightly than ever before!

Jessica St Clair Rogers – Business Owner (Knowfoods Australia) – Melbourne – Australia

I came to Better is Best to find strategies to help me perform better in both my work life and personal life. Although I’ve always worked hard at work, I realised that I may not have been working ‘smart’. Peta has given me simple strategies that I use in everyday life to help me access my creative side and think of solutions I would never have thought of before. I found her very easy to work with and the sessions that we’ve had very beneficial for work and life in general. I have found that by implementing things learned in these sessions, my work stress has reduced and I am more in control and on top of my work. I would recommend Better is Best to anyone who wants to perform at their best.

Administrator – Melbourne – Australia

‘Peta is Best’. In a nutshell I have learnt goals are achievable with support and tools to move forward. Mostly I have gained self-belief and confidence. I feel peace, enjoyment and all thanks to Better is Best. Thank you. I will be letting friends and loved ones know about your performance coaching.

P = positive, personable, patient

E = encouraging

T = techniques, talented

A = awesome

W = wise, wonderful

I = intelligent

L = learning

K = knowing, knowledge

I = insightful

N = navigate

S = solutions

O = opportunities

N = nice, New Zealander

Home ‘Engineer’ – Melbourne – Australia