Leadership Programs


  • Are the vision and values of your company and your team out of alignment?
  • Would you like to know, in plain English, the mind-set motivators of your team? 9715662_s
  • Do you have unmotivated or unproductive team members? High rates of presenteeism or absenteeism? Overworked or underworked employees? Martyrs or victims? Would you like to improve or eradicate this?
  • Do you want a less dependent and more independent team? Do you want to spend less time ‘managing’ and more time ‘leading’?
  • Do you want your team to spend their time and energy on the right tasks for the right outcomes? Do you want to improve your team’s communication, collaboration and innovation skills? Minimize conflict?
  • Are poor attitudes costing you quality, customers and innovations? Do you want better morale and culture amongst and around your team?
  • Are customers unhappy with your products and services? Do you want to deliver real excellence and value to your clients and investors? Are your profits down?
  • Do members of your team require training to rapidly reskill or step up?
  • Has your team recently experienced change or is it about to?
  • Are you looking for a tailored, practical, personable, results orientated approach to better leadership?

If you have answered ‘no’, congratulations on developing a high performance team.

If you have answered ‘yes’, read on.


Using the Instant Insight Communications System ™, our Better Leadership programs include:

  • needs assessment of your particular situation
  • individual profiling of each team member to predict behaviour
  • intensive team workshops
  • specific one-on-one coaching to address individual challenges
  • identification of learning and development needs, many of which can be delivered immediately
  • unbiased support, encouragement and accountability, for your team to stay on track, and
  • practical and relevant exercises, tools and manuals to embed learning’s and activate actions.


Our profile tool:

  • is fast, accurate and thorough, containing Myers Briggs, meta programs, career values and core needs
  • is personable, practical and in plain English, for use inside and outside of the office, and
  • provides instant insight into working styles, motivators, communication techniques, role alignment and professional development.


Our team workshops are tailored for your team, and may include:

  • Mission: Bulls Eye
  • EPIC (Engage, Perform, Innovate, Collaborate)
  • Building Rapid Rapport
  • Influential Negotiations
  • Personal Branding
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Personal Styling, Presentation and Confidence
  • Grooming for Work
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Communication, Working Styles and Motivation Skills
  • Productivity for Professionals
  • Recruiting Right
  • Igniting KPI’s, and
  • Learning for Leverage.

To read more about these workshops, see Career Workshops or Leadership Workshops.


Our one-on-one coaching:

  • provides a ‘safe harbour’ to discuss concerns, fears and inadequacies,
  • provides instant professional development teachings, and
  • engages individuals to do what they need to do better


Each Better Leadership Program will:

  • improve motivation and performance
  • improve productivity and profitability
  • advance communication skills
  • increase flexibility and positive responses to change
  • develop or redevelop of team culture and morale
  • reduce burn out or stress risk and consequential staff attrition
  • reduce recruitment, induction and training time and costs
  • decrease bottom line productivity costs, and
  • identify and deliver needs based professional development skills.

If you are ready for your team to achieve more, connect and get in touch.