Leadership Workshops

17579501_sBetter is Best offers a program of workshops, dependent on your organisations’ needs.

Our more popular half and one day leadership workshops are outlined below.

We can also tailor a workshop to suit your needs.

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Mission: Bulls-Eye

“What you get is what you focus on”

Worried about not making target? Things going wrong? Worried about the economy? Worried about changes in your industry or your organisation? Challenges consistently blocking your progress?

Change your focus!

This experiential hands-on workshop focuses on igniting and developing a Vision and Mission for each participant, to unlock then motivate them towards aligning and achieving their professional goals and targets with their personal goals.

Participants will learn how poor focus results in poor attitude, then poor behaviour, then poor performance.

Participants will identify some of their challenges and learn techniques to unlock and overcome some of these.

Participants will learn how to create an exciting Vision, have an audacious Mission, set achievable Goals and establish a Road Map to crack both their professional and personal targets.

Participants will learn about modelling, positive language, the physiology of excellence and focus and how all of this impacts the brain and therefore results.

This workshop is relevant for all teams and all levels.


EPIC (Engage, Penetrate, Innovate and Collaborate)


Do you want to see yourself achieving sustainable and replicable results? And silence the worrying voice in your head?

Do you want to be so respected and trusted by your clients the win-wins you achieve open up more doors, elevates you both and funds the lifestyle you deserve?

Imagine how great it will be to use less ‘draining energy’ and more ‘creative energy’.

Imagine what you could achieve if you knew the secrets of those achieving success and did it too.  Imagine being you best self and getting paid for it.

This experiential hands-on workshop outlines why competition (with your colleagues, clients or yourself) is out and why collaboration is in.

Participants will identify who their clients have been, are now and could be.

They will establish a show stopping pitch so fabulous it engages and hooks. They will establish how they help each of their different sets of clients.

They will establish action plans to open up opportunities to achieve their outcomes and use their teams current resources and contacts to do so.

This workshop is relevant for all teams at all levels as everyone has clients (internally or externally) they supply services to.


Building Rapid Rapport

“Real understanding, real effectiveness”

Mastering rapport and communications can help you win business, increase product or service penetration and influence people and strategy. It can also help you network with ease.

This experiential hands-on workshop focuses on powerful communication techniques.

Participants will learn how to spot hot buttons to first understand a scenario, then respond, act, position or train in ways that creates rapid rapport. Once established, participants will learn how to lead others to the outcome they desire.

There is a specific spotlight for ‘offline’ networking ie networking at events, including how to establish professional relationships without feeling ‘icky’ or insincere and how to establish the need to connect again, and then more importantly do it.

Participants will learn how to identify working style preferences to help them lead through motivation and increase buy-in, engagement and productivity.

This workshop is relevant for all teams and all levels and for anyone who works or connects with anyone!

It is particularly useful for those in internal and external customer-facing roles ie sales, marketing, training, product development, procurement or purchasing, communications, project management, help desk, library, support etc.


Influential Negotiations

“Programmed for Success”

Everyone is in sales – sales of self, sales of ideas, sales of products or sales of services.

Everyone is also a buyer of all these things.

This experiential hands-on workshop focuses on NLP led Sales methodology and participants will learn the following methods and how to do them. You will also learn how to spot and respond if someone is using these with you.

–        Know Your Outcome

–        Past, Present Future Sales Qualifier

–        5 Step Sales Process

–        Negotiations through Influence

–        Handing Objections

–        Pace, Pace, Lead Frame

This workshop is relevant for all teams and all levels though is especially relevant for those in internal or external client facing functions and those who source, buy or sell or implement products or services. 


 Personal Branding

“Does it mean I need a stylist?”

You’ve read about it, heard about it and kind of know about it – but what exactly is personal branding?

Personal branding can help open doors and connect you with current and potential customers. It forms an important part of a customer engagement and reputation management strategy.

This experiential hands-on workshop is a no-nonsense step-by-step guide to personal branding. Participants will learn what their own brand is and how to improve it for maximum benefit.

Part 1 looks at offline personal branding ie what personal branding is, why it is important, what your brand is now, what your brand could be and plans for how to get you there.

Part 2 reveals your online personal brand ie why it’s important, what you are projecting now, what you want it to be and how to improve it to get you there.

Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to build and deliver their own personal branding strategy to connect with their partners ie customers, potential customers, suppliers, colleagues etc.

This workshop is relevant for all teams and all levels.


Persuasive Presentations

“Engage then persuade”

Want to know how to engage an audience, hold a room or at least avoid people ‘dropping off’ during a presentation, pitch or training session?

This experiential hands-on workshop focuses on insightful presentation techniques.

Participants will learn how to structure your presentation to suit the needs of their audience and deliver it in an appealing fashion without fear.

Additionally they will learn how to establish need and the art of building rapport with a real or virtual room.

Participants will also learn the importance of stories and metaphors, archetypes and avatars and how to use the Why, What, What If and How frames to bring their audience along with them.

This workshop is appropriate for those giving presentations, seminars, trainings and workshops in front of large or small groups or one-on-ones, in person or via webinars and those who want to.

It is relevant for all teams and all levels.


 Other workshops include:

  • Leadership Essentials
  • Communication, Working Styles and Motivation Skills
  • Productivity for Professionals
  • Recruiting Right
  • Igniting KPI’s, and
  • Learning for Leverage 


Custom Workshops:


On FireIMG_8439

‘On Fire’ is the brand assigned to a custom built Leadership Program, delivered to high school students. 

‘Kaitaia On Fire’ was delivered to the senior students of Kaitaia College in New Zealand. 

This leadership program focusses on success principles and resilience tools of 3 to 4 real life career role models and uses multi-media and experiential methods to insill learning. 

An online community bolsters support post the workshop and can be used as a forum for virtual mentoring, billeting and work experience opportunities for students, as well as a forum for sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for the school. 

Talent comes from multiple sources and is exhibited across many roles and industries. When you tap into the ‘how’ from that talent (role models located globally, nationally and locally), learn from and support each other and make doing so fun and accessible, an entire community can ignite and be awesome. 

This workshop is relevant for all high schools and their senior students. It is tailored for your community. 

Better is Best proudly donates a portion of this Workshop fee to Kaitaia College. 



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