Learning About Your Value From A Clothing Rack

Clothing RackDo you like cheap or discounted stuff?

If yes, do you really value that product or service?

Or, and this is a big one, do you value yourself?

About 3 years ago when I shopped for clothes, I shopped big in the sales and got heaps of stuff for not much money. I shopped at middle of the road brands and even in the lower end department stores like Target and Kmart. I was fortunate enough to have money to spend, I just chose to spend it this way.

Yet without fail, the stuff I brought didn’t hold its value with me after a very short period of time.  I got bored with it. After a while they looked cheap, to both my diplomatic (though honest) husband and myself. I felt fairly average when I wore them and they made me feel blah.  And in turn, despite a pretty good career, I am sure I projected this level of value in how I held myself.

I will be brutally vulnerable here.

I had two strategies’ that ran through my head when I shopped.

One was ‘it’s cheap enough, so I can buy more later’.

The second was ‘cause I am fat, I’ll probably grow out of them anyway’.

You see I didn’t really value myself (then).

I cheapened my value from the get-go.

And in some way, this gave me an excuse, or more accurately I gave myself permission, to accept that.

Do any of you relate to this? Or is this my own special brand of weirdness?

Three years later I am now a reformed shopper.

It is all because I now believe I am worth it (now).

That I matter. Full price, better quality, key pieces.  And sometimes I take my stylist.  Now, that may sound really la-di-dah, though it isn’t. She knows where to go and what will suit me. And I can’t stress this enough: she is kind! She saves me time, money, energy and more importantly self esteem.

With her I brought a leather jacket for $600. That is the most expensive single item I have owned since my wedding dress. And I can use it more often. She asked me to think about it as an ‘investment piece’, value the wear across 6 years and value what I would be doing when I wore it.

Next time you question the value of anything (clothing or otherwise) ask some of these questions:

–        What is the purpose of me buying that?

–        How will it help or serve me?

–        How will it help me achieve what I want?

–        How will I feel when I do that?

–        Will it save me time, money, energy and self esteem?

–        Am I worth it?

Be your best valued self and get paid for it. Because if ‘you’ don’t value ‘you’, how can you expect others to?


PS: Stylist is Empowered by Style (see them at www.empoweredbystyle.com.au).


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