Nails: Nothing has meaning except that which you give it

Orange manicureAbout three years ago, in front of about 200 people, I was lucky to receive two of the best gifts from one of the most influential teachers I have ever learnt from – Alice Haemmerle.

The intangible gift was a technique I use with my clients.

The tangible gift was a set of nice fingernails.

Sure, I had nails, but I bit them. Short. Really short. I’d bite the side and tear them across when I was bored. Driving. Waiting. That kinda thing. I had done so for years. And on stumpy fingers they looked a little “less that average”.

So I was “swished with an archetype installation dismount”.

Nek minute, I could see red nails, not too long, not too short, definitely no sparkles, but neat, red and mine.

After the technique, my body straightened up, torso broadened and my hands hung calmly by my side.

Nothing has meaning except that which you give it.

And the meaning I gave ‘nails’ (to and for me) was nice nails + pride = senior leader.

It needn’t make sense to anyone else. But in some weird whacky way, not so deep in my unconscious, it made sense to me.

Simply, nicer nails would help my career.

From that moment, I actually became and felt congruent with that title, despite being one for a number of years.

I use my hands to run through concepts and models, when I work.
I use my hands to talk with often, when I speak and train others.  
I use my hands to explain or scramble brains when I coach online.

So, what’s the lesson?

I knew I wanted to change my nail biting. I was ready. The fact it was done publicly and on a stage was a surprise!

Alice took the time to work out my specific strategy, to help me articulate when and why I did it and what it would mean to and for me to change it. Simply, she got under the hood. Then with that detail, she used her skills to help me be aware of it and then change it. 

Ever since, I have had nice nails and my career has been heading where I want it. 

Weird but true.

If there is something you’d like to change in the interests of your career, big or small, weird or nonsensical, whatever it may be like biting your nails, smoking, valuing your time or skills or improving your cash poor mindset etc, or if you career isn’t bringing you what you want it to, get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Be your best self,


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