Starting and Being Ready: One of these things is not like the other…

Blocchi di partenzaI’ve lost count of the people who have said to me “I need to do X, Y or Z before I start (insert name of thing here)” or those who have said they need  “everything in place” before they press the ‘on’ button for what they really want.

One of my clients believed she needed extra qualifications to put up her prices (a little higher than CPI) in her thriving, referral only, no-advertising-required-at-all business. 

Another felt he needed to spend more time getting ‘better’ at his current job before going for a promotion (even though he  had mastered it and was ripe for a new challenge). 

Another purchased a name, brand and a website yet had no idea about what her business would actually ‘do’.

Now, I absolutely encourage starting stuff. 100%!

But what is the point of all that wasted time, energy, money and self-esteem if you are half heartily committed to doing it.

That is a recipe for self-sabotage.

My simple advice is: you need to be ready to start.

What? Yep. READY!

Sounds simple, right?

Yet what does that look, sound and feel like? 

From my own experience and observations of my clients, it’s that you need a great aspiration, goal, idea or strategy. 

You can picture the end outcome, it totally resonates with you and when you think about the forecasted accomplishment, it excites, motivates and freaks you out, all at the same time!

But there is a more important step: you must be ready and willing to do what you ‘must’ to get the thing you want.

If you think about all the things you’ve started, and then after a while you have lost your enthusiasm and not finished them, what is the common denominator? Were you ready?  And did you give it everything you had to get that thing? 

If you are ready to improve your career or if you need some help wrangling your ‘fears and ‘what if’s’, book in for a 45 minute Discovery Session, by getting in touch here.

Be ready to be your best self and get paid for it.


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