The Nofocusitis Epidemic

To about 50 savvy women at an event, I asked 4 questions: "How many of you are great starters at projects?" Almost all the hands went up. "How many of you are great at maintaining projects?" About 30 per cent of hands went back up. "And how many of you are great at finishing projects?" Only 4 hands went up. "And when you think about … [Read more...]

Controlling the ARGH Factor – Better Priorities

Busyness. The “ARRRRRRGH” factor.  That feeling of being out of control. The fear of letting something slip or someone down. That sense of ‘surely I could do this faster or better somehow’. That ‘there is not enough time in the day anyway’ sentiment. Are you a sufferer? Do you want to tackle it, change your behaviour and your results?   Do you … [Read more...]