For The Love Of Milky Bars: Make Quality Choices

How many times have you said “I can’t do X, because Y won’t allow me to”? X could be absolutely anything, like volunteer, start a part-time business, take 3 weeks leave off at once, ask for the salary increase you really want, negotiate on the terms you’d rather than the other parties etc. Y could be absolutely anything, like time, money, … [Read more...]

Starting and Being Ready: One of these things is not like the other…

I've lost count of the people who have said to me "I need to do X, Y or Z before I start (insert name of thing here)" or those who have said they need  "everything in place" before they press the 'on' button for what they really want. One of my clients believed she needed extra qualifications to put up her prices (a little higher than CPI) in her … [Read more...]

Controlling the ARGH Factor – Better Priorities

Busyness. The “ARRRRRRGH” factor.  That feeling of being out of control. The fear of letting something slip or someone down. That sense of ‘surely I could do this faster or better somehow’. That ‘there is not enough time in the day anyway’ sentiment. Are you a sufferer? Do you want to tackle it, change your behaviour and your results?   Do you … [Read more...]