Nails: Nothing has meaning except that which you give it

About three years ago, in front of about 200 people, I was lucky to receive two of the best gifts from one of the most influential teachers I have ever learnt from - Alice Haemmerle. The intangible gift was a technique I use with my clients. The tangible gift was a set of nice fingernails. Sure, I had nails, but I bit them. Short. Really short. … [Read more...]

Five Proven Ways to Confident Public Speaking

Public speaking can be engaging, inspiring and informational. Or it can be petrifying, paralysing or disengaging. At some point in your career, public speaking becomes something you ‘just’ do, either in a meeting, pitching for work, with a client or perhaps presenting as a Subject Matter Expert. The most common niggle my clients fear is ‘not … [Read more...]