Learning About Your Value From A Clothing Rack

Do you like cheap or discounted stuff? If yes, do you really value that product or service? Or, and this is a big one, do you value yourself? About 3 years ago when I shopped for clothes, I shopped big in the sales and got heaps of stuff for not much money. I shopped at middle of the road brands and even in the lower end department stores like … [Read more...]

Nails: Nothing has meaning except that which you give it

About three years ago, in front of about 200 people, I was lucky to receive two of the best gifts from one of the most influential teachers I have ever learnt from - Alice Haemmerle. The intangible gift was a technique I use with my clients. The tangible gift was a set of nice fingernails. Sure, I had nails, but I bit them. Short. Really short. … [Read more...]

7 Better Tips for Career Referrals

What career referral strategies do you currently use? Read this article from Better is Best as published on bizelaw to learn about seven proven techniques to maximum your career referrals and what  ‘sneezers' can do for you! … [Read more...]

Corridor Cred – Better Influence

How do you acquire influence in the workplace?   How do you stand out from everyone else? How do you persuade others to listen to you without screaming at them ‘listen to me’ or ‘making them’? My clients this week past have all said words along the lines of ‘you are so certain. How can I become like that’? Part of my role is to help my clients … [Read more...]

Employee Job Seeking – DO’s

Your productivity and performance can suffer and raise unnecessary eyebrows, when you are already employed and actively seeking other employment. It can be difficult to balance effort, focus, scheduling, motivation and enthusiasm. Unless you are an experienced actor, do this wisely or you will cause unnecessary red flags to start being raised or … [Read more...]