Time Management: Developing Daily Direction At Work


compass closeupI speak to loads of people who tell me they don’t have enough time for stuff, ie time to do what they need at work, time to do what they want at home, time to focus, time chewed up in meetings, time for their families, their friends or themselves. 

Sometimes I suffer too. Yes! Really!

What I’ve noticed is this cry for help is generally brought on by overwhelm. 

And overwhelm is generally brought on by ‘lack of direction’ – your own and also the organisation you work for.

My advice is to establish your own direction with a bit of structure.  


Compartmentalise your day.

  1. Carve out a block of time at the start of your day to plan the 3 key things you will do and achieve on ‘that’ day.
  2. Block out one or two blocks of time in your day to actually ‘do’ this work. Set these for when you have the most brainpower, energy and motivation.
  3. When you do those, turn off the pings for when emails arrive. Tell your team that if something is critical, and give them some examples of what critical may look like, they must phone or find you.  Disappear away from your environment if you need to and can.
  4. Plan everything else, ie checking emails, meetings, client visits etc, around those blocks.
  5. Set them in your calendar so they occur every day. Do this as a habit. Suggest other meeting times around these blocks.

It may not always happen as you plan, but if you plan for it, there is a greater likelihood of it working out more often.

Be your best compartmentalised self and get paid for it.


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